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Working With Vagabond and Mongodb


After meeting some people and discussing approaches for the infrastructure testing, I think it s best I adapted my roadmap to integrate with Vagabond. Especially after learning about the roadmap for Test-Kitchen and Vagabond, I feel like this will be a large Duplication of Effort. So Here I start the post on using vagabond with the chef-mongodb cookbook to cook.

MongoDB Cookbook Roadmap

Recently I published the breaking changed into the mongodb cookbook. 0.13.X remain the stable branch, while 0.14.X is the new-hotness branch that is with fixed base recipe that required changing how the configuration files needed to be deployed. Looking down at the roadmap for v1.0.0 release I have put some decent goals that I think I should be able to hit over the next month.

  1. 0.13 is stable, 0.14 is unstable new style
  2. 0.14 will be unstable continuation that will merge in all open PRs
  3. 0.15 will mainly be testing related
  4. 0.16 will be full resourcification of the cookbook using (probably) poise
  5. completion on 0.16 will mark v1.0.0 release

First Design of Infrastructure Testing

This is part 2 in a series of posts about how my implementation for multi-node cookbook testing is going/growing.

When I started implementing helper scripts to design multi-node (from here on called infrastructure) testing was how slow it was for vagrant to spin up new instances. The laptop was also catching on fire as well, but that was to be expected. The slowness is nothing against vagrant but by nature of what I was doing (making vagrant provision many VMs at once). So I started exploring solution to speed up the process.

Developing for Multi Node Cookbooks

Testing multi-node cookbook features

Testing code isn’t easy, especially if you never did it from the start. Some people prefer building tests from unit tests, some like to build down from behaviour/system testing. Regardless of what your flavor of testing is, testing is good. Before starting we need to get familiar with cookbook testing (brought to you by test-kitchen).

Personal Projects

How do you manage your ‘time off’?

I like to split my ‘time off’ (personal development time) into work time and growth time. Work time is spent mostly on tasks that can immediately show the results (e.g. maintaining blog, contributing to OSS, etc.). On the other hand Growth time is spent on tasks that usually doesn’t have immediate or unquantifiable results (e.g. writing, reading, learning new tools, watching demos, etc.)

Point and Porpoises

So, here we go let’s try to keep it normal…

code – Stuff related to coding, infrastructure, analytics, etc. This will should be the main stuff.

inane – harmless complaints/comments about life

crazy – aggressive/harmful complaints/comments about life